I've been one for almost 20 years. No need to be impressed, any idiot can do it. I've worked at small places like Wallwork & Curry, big places like Mullen and Arnold Worldwide, and medium sized places, like MMB — where I was most recently an EVP, Executive Creative Director.

I've worked on Jack Daniel's, Truth, New Balance, the Boston Bruins, Toyota, Volvo, Subway, Zappos, Fidelity, Staples and so on.

I have also won multiple advertising awards from multiple advertising shows. It's quite nice actually. They call my name and I go up on stage. They hand me a bowl, or an orb or an orb-like object. In return, I say something cute like, "Oh, is this for me?" Or I pretend like I'm struggling to hold the award and I say, "This is a heavy one." And we all laugh.

Well, now that we're best friends, feel free to contact me for job inquiries, freelance opportunities, or just general pleasantries.

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