The Few & Far Between Homepage — a dynamic, interactive collage. Here the user could roam free,  and explore the different stories, which were a combination of video, audio-only and written.
Clicking on a story would take the user to a title card w/dynamic imagery and unique, hand-drawn typography. There they could choose to listen, read or hear the story.
Each story was 100% real told to us by real, non-actor people in bars all across the country.
We heard over a thousand stories and picked the ones we deemed the best for the site.
To spice things up, audio stories were accompanied by a full-screen slide show which often times emphasized certain parts of the stories. So spicy.
We met some really weird, amazing, interesting people as we travelled across the country getting these real stories. Their photographs are all over the site.
Consumers submitted photos of their bar stories and the best ones made it into a print ad in Vice Magazine, who we partnered with.
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